Googlebot Tracking Simplified
Easy setup, no log files required!

Introducing CrawlerLogs: Your Ultimate Google Crawl Insights Solution

Curious about how Google interacts with your website? Uncover invaluable insights that enhance your online visibility and performance with CrawlerLogs – a simple platform that tracks Googlebot's visits across your website and provides insights and empowers you with actionable data.

Bot Crawl Volume

Monitor GoogleBot visits frequency (mobile and desktop!) and uncover patterns to refine your content strategy

Last Crawl Date

Keep track of Googlebot's last visit for EVERY URL for accurate SEO analysis

Crawl Trends and Priority

Focus on impactful site sections using data-driven crawl priorities

Webhook (Coming Soon!)

Enable notifications the instant GoogleBot visits your webpage or specific URLs

Historic Import

We can work with you on importing historic logs to provide even more insights and information

Sitemap Import (Coming Soon!)

Easily import existing URLs to visualize URLs that are not being crawled


Easily invite users and create teams with multiple domains allowing users to drill down in URLs by multiple domains

Exports (Coming Soon!)

Easily export Last Crawl Timestamps per URL as well as charts for presentations and reports

Built by John Murch